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How to buy low-cost tickets online?

  • Low-cost flights and convenient purchase of airline tickets – these are the two key points for every traveller. Taking into account customer needs and habits, we have designed our website in a way ensuring the easiest access of the best offers so that you never miss changes to the prices of the available flights and your choice meets your expectations to the fullest extent possible.
  • There are two types of users: those who need to find tickets quickly without any additional requests or demands, and those who have a specific vision and requirements, so the first offer is often not acceptable to them.
  • Our website is convenient for both types and below we explain why:
  • 1. Quick search
  • In the home page, choose your place of departure and destination. Specify your arrival and departure dates in the same line. Then, simply choose the required number of airline tickets and click ‘Search’.
  • The search engine will automatically ask you to indicate your e-mail address. If you choose to provide your e-mail address, you will receive a notification as soon as the price of tickets meeting your search parameters decreases. However, this is an optional field. If you are not interested in this service, you can refuse it and you will receive all the available low-cost flight offers within several seconds.
  • flight search results provide offers recommended by first. This is the optimal flight option in terms of time and price, so those who choose flights based on convenience rather than price usually opt for this option. Flights are subsequently classified by price and duration: by clicking “Lowest price”, you will open a list of flights classified by price; by clicking “Fastest”, you will open a list of the same flights sorted by duration. If no suitable flights are offered for the specific dates, check the lowest price calendar. Use it when you cannot find suitable offers on the specific dates: you will surely find a flight on other dates.
  • If you stay on the website for a longer period of time, the system may automatically ask you to refresh the search results, since the situation may change in a very quickly. This is why we recommend repeating the search on the following day if no suitable options were found.
  • 2. Detailed search
  • In the home page, choose the country of departure and arrival. Choose carefully, because you may find it more convenient to fly from Vilnius rather than Kaunas. And, for example, if you choose London, there are 9 airport available for landing, so it is worth choosing the one offering most convenient connection to your hotel. Before you click “Search”, specify the dates and number of airline tickets.
  • The system will find all options and show the cheapest flights at the top. If you have any further requests, choose from various options on the left, including price range, connections, flight duration. Is the specific hour of departure and arrival important to you? It is not true that the cheapest tickets are offered on the least convenient hours: choose the most convenient time and see for yourselves.
  • Normally the engine looks for offers from all airlines, but you can choose the preferred ones on the left. Every time you introduce a new search parameter, the system reloads automatically so there is no need to click any additional buttons.
  • Once you have specified all the search parameters, we recommend checking the lowest price calendar provided at the top. The first bar presents prices of the departure flights and the second – those of the return flights. Low-cost flights are marked with lower columns: the higher the price, the higher the columns. You will simply have to place the pointer on the columns and check preliminary prices. They may vary significantly: difference of only one day can result in a price that is 4 times higher. The schedule will allow comparing the prices quite easily.
  • If you wish to change the flight dates selected during the first step, simply click on the columns representing the prices and ‘Refresh Search’.
  • The system will help you find the best option and, most importantly, there will be no need to leave your home – we will send the tickets to your e-mail. Should you have any questions or further requests, contact team and we will help you as soon as possible.
  • If you are interested in buying tickets and finding the best country for your trip, it is worth reading our travel guide presenting hundreds of detailed articles on the most popular locations as well as less known places in the world that are also worth visiting. This information will help you decide on your destination and you will simply have to check the ticket prices.
  • 3. Valuable tips – how to find low-cost flights?
  • 3.1 Book your flight as early as possible. Airlines seek to sell all the available airline tickets, so they often offer discounts to attract customers as soon as orders can be accepted. It is said that the best time to look for a flight is 60 days before the departure date. However, we do not recommend blindly relying on this; check closer dates as well: you can almost always find individual low-cost flights.
  • 3.2 Try connecting flights. This takes a little bit more time, but can help you save money. We recommend checking prices with and without connecting flights to see the amount of money you could save.
  • 3.3 Choose different airlines for the departure and return flight. The results show all airline tickets with the airline and departure information. Maybe Ryanair has excellent offers for your departure date, but there are no low-cost flights for your return flight a week later. It could be that Wizz Air has good options for that date.
  • 3.4 If you are interested in low-cost flights, we recommend choosing your holiday dates 2–3 weeks before the season opens or in advance, i.e. 2–3 months before the desired departure date.